Cha’s Organics Delicious Organic Masala Chai Black Tea - Fragrant & Healthy Hand- Picked Loose Leaf Black Tea, With Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper & Ginger, Invigorating & Energizing - 5.29oz

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Manufacturer Description

Here's The Yummiest Way To Start Your Every Single Day!

Want to enjoy that pick-me-up energy of coffee without any of the irritating jitters? Looking for the most delicious, organic and flavorful black tea?

Now you don't have to settle for low-quality and chemical-filled loose leaf tea anymore, since you can finally brew yourself a cup of the most rejuvenating and energizing black tea!

Introducing Cha's Organics Fair Trade & Delicious Masala Chai Black Tea!

This unique blend of organically grown black tea and fragrant spices will fill your kitchen with intoxicating aromas and take you on a wonderful journey through the green hills and beautiful forests of Sri Lanka - one sip at a time!

Just add a spoonful of our fair trade and organic masala chai to your tea brewer or latte and enjoy the most uplifting, energizing and mouth-watering beverage!

Why Choose Cha's Organics Masala Chai Black Tea?

100% Energy 0% Jitters - our organically grown loose leaf black tea will help you focus better, improve your productivity and cognitive function without any jitters!

Enjoy Tropical Notes Of Organic Spices - our loose leaf chai contains True Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper and Ginger for a unique drinking experience!

No More Low Quality Black Tea For You - we're sure that organic ingredients, hand-picked spices and rich, intoxicating flavors are your cup of tea, so our masala chai is exactly what you're looking for!

And The Best Part?

Unlike other low-quality loose leaf teas, the Cha's Organics premium masala chai black tea contains no pesticides, no artificial additives, no flavor enhancers and no harmful ingredients! What you get is 100% pure, raw and delicious!

What Are You Waiting For?

Click "Add To Cart" NOW & Discover The Most Delicious Organic Black Tea!

Product Features

DISCOVER THE MOST DELICIOUS & ORGANIC PICK-ME-UP! Now you can start your every single day with a cup of our invigorating, energizing and rejuvenating masala chai black tea, which will help you be more productive without any jitters! Cha's Organics loose leaf black tea is the best way to start your day! ARE YOU IN THE MOOD FOR FLAVORFUL & HEALTHY AFTERNOON TEA? All you have to do is brew yourself a cup of our organic chai black tea and enjoy all the healthy ingredients, such as True Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Clove and Ginger blending with our premium black tea! OUR INGREDIENTS ARE ORGANICALLY GROWN & HAND-PICKED by small-scale farmers in biodiverse forest gardens in beautiful Sri Lanka! Every single spice and herb is carefully selected and harvested from small family-owned gardens, so you can rest assured that your black tea is 100% organic and fair trade! NOW YOU CAN SEE, SMELL & TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! Once you try a sip of our mouthwatering loose leaf spiced black tea, you'll never go back to all those mass-produced alternatives. The natural spices, intoxicating aromas and invigorating flavor will take your taste buds by storm! SURPRISE YOUR TEA-LOVING FRIENDS & FAMILY WITH THE YUMMIEST TEA! We all have a friend or relative who cannot live without tea, so you can spoil them with Cha's Organics loose leaf black tea, which comes straight from the exotic island of Sri Lanka and will help invigorate, energize and soothe your loved ones!

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